Blogging in the Classroom

Last Friday I started individual blogs with all the kids in my grade. They each have a blog and it is theirs to look after and control. My purpose for these blogs is for the kids to have a platform to share and learn about their passions. Each Friday morning I am going to allow the students to follow their passions and learn about anything they would like to. It is their turn to develop their independence in their learning and for them to take full control of this. I will be guiding them and teaching them new skills to help them to learn, research and share their learning with others.

This blog ( really helped me to realise the potential and worth. It made me realise the connection between these passion blogs and Daily 5, in giving the kids independence and working towards their personal goals. The blog post inspired me! I’m hoping the blogs will be a success and the kids learn to love the time to learn about whatever it is they might like to know.


2 thoughts on “Blogging in the Classroom

  1. Well done Trish! It is very brave of you to embark on this journey as I know from experience it will increase your personal workload. A few years ago I did the same with a few select students in grade one and two (think Lach, Bree, Asher etc) and it was highly rewarding.
    I have a lot of respect for this Kath Morris and her blogs – the following link might help you somewhat:
    Good luck and make sure you post links on your class blog so I can access the student blogs to comment.

  2. Jenny Ashby (@jjash) says:

    Hi Trish,

    Yes genious hour can be great for students. As you say some guidance is needed. Do you students have to come up with a question that is suitable for their task? Do your students have to take some action? It will be great tor ead their posts on their blogs. I’ll be checking them out.

    Bye from Jenny

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