My Successes!

I have decided within my classroom, I need to focus more strongly on the positive aspects which are occurring, identify these and verbalise them with my grade.

To do this, I feel I need to explore the successes I have had as a teacher so far. What is it that has worked well and that I am proud of? If I can see the positive in myself, maybe I will be able to see the positives in my classroom more clearly.

1. This term my grade have been much more settled, they seem to be happier and more comfortable with me as their teacher. I believe the children have worked out who I am, how I teach and what I expect of them – my consistency and perseverance during term one paid off!

2. I am really pleased with the way my grade are reading to self. They are able to, mostly, choose and read good fit books. I have introduced reading response books this term, I feel these are going to help make the comprehension strategies more concrete for the children.

3. I am pleased with the way the children can sit down and write. At the start of the year, most of the children did not know what to write, they struggled to choose a topic and sit down to write. I provided them with prompts everyday for those children who weren’t sure what to write. Now I don’t have to provide the children with any prompts, they choose and they can do it! I am now implementing some writing workshops outside of daily 5, to complement and enhance their writing to make it so much stronger.

4. I feel I am being more responsive and attentive to the children’s needs this term. Last term I was building my relationships and getting to know my grade. I now feel I am able to work more closely with my grade at an individual level and differentiate their learning. I think everyone in the grade is benefitting from this.

5. I feel more settled. I believe this has contributed to a lot of my other successes and positive outcomes. I am feeling more settled as a teacher and in the role as a teacher and as a result this is positively influencing the learning in my classroom.

I want my grade to celebrate the successes we have, as part of that I believe the children need to look at their successes and I need to look at mine. We are all part of the classroom and we are all learning, in turn we all have our successes, it is nice to explore them!


One thought on “My Successes!

  1. Hi Trish,

    Celebrating successes is very important so we can gather steam and keep going along our learning journey. It’s great that you have spent time forming relationships with your students as this is the basis for learning.
    The daily 5 seems to be going well. I’d like to know more about your reading response books. Could we use the responses to help other students select reading materials perhaps as reviews? I wonder how they could share their responses and with other classes?
    Thanks for adding to your blog. I look forward to more thoughts from your first year as a teacher,

    Cheers from Jenny

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