The World of Teaching!

In becoming a new teacher, with my own grade looking up at me, I have realised being a teacher is so much more than just teaching. Along with the teaching and learning which I have developed through previous placements, there are the extra elements of being a teacher which you do not quite experience to the full extent of its power as a pre-service teacher. In the beginning weeks of term one, I have and am still learning about the happenings of the school and how it operates as well as learning about my students, their individual traits and how to best teach these students. With developing my identity as a teacher, I am learning about my roles in various school based scenarios, for example my role in a lockdown, and when students need first aid. With all this learning about the logistics of teaching and all the behind the scenes experiences which you are not quite ever fully involved in as a pre-service teacher, I am learning to be the teacher I want to be. Remembering all the things I learnt during my course and all the dreams and motivators I had. I am observing children and watching their minds think. I am helping students develop their thinking skills and become independent learners. I am helping students be capable and responsible citizens.

Although there is a lot of learning to occur, and this will be a constant process (which I am eager for!), with a lot of behind the scenes work, for example setting up my classroom, I am loving teaching and know this is where I want to be.