The Future

There are many possibilities for the design and structure of learning spaces into the future. Which factors of the globe will have the most affect on these spaces? Technology, globalisation, war, poverty, multiculturalism. In the future will classrooms be based on global connections or local partnerships?

In thinking about future learning spaces, I believe it is difficult to predict what the physical structures might look like. However I do believe there will be a particular skill set necessary for all students and teachers to possess in order to succeed. This may include: creativity, innovation, problem solving, persistence and resilience. These I feel, will enable most situations to be successful.


One thought on “The Future

  1. I think your idea on global connections and local partnerships is interesting. As reading this I considerer some of the schools in my local area an dhow disjointed they are, yet they are in the same local community. It is interesting to consider how these things will impact on our schools in the future.

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